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We have discontinued several of our products in order to spend more time on some very exciting new CDE resources. Here are the details:

- One Step Worksheets are available only as a CD or digital download (PDF files). 
- All Quick Cards, Bingo, and Recall products are only available as digital downloads. We will no longer offer the prelaminated cards/PVC cards. You will save money on the PDF versions and just need to print your own cards.

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Practical Advice for New Ag Teachers: Know the VIPs
August 20, 2013
The phrase "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know" comes up quite often in Ag teaching. For new teachers just starting out or teachers changing schools, it is especially important. Because, let's face it, Ag teachers ask for a lot of favors and forgiveness during our careers and getting to know the VIPs at your school can make your life easier.
5 Ways to Improve Your Creed Speaking
January 15, 2013

Many Creed Speakers make the mistake of focusing the bulk of their energy on memorizing the FFA Creed, but becoming a successful at the FFA Creed CDE involves much more.  Once you have conquered reciting the FFA Creed correctly, you...

My thoughts on the Ag Sales CDE: Tips from the Judge's side of the table
July 07, 2012

The Ag Sales CDE is one of those contests that is hard to participate in just from reading the CDE guidelines. Much like the Parliamentary Procedure CDE, until you've seen it demonstrated you don't really "get it". However a few suggestions can go a long way towards taking your team from just showing up to placing. 

An iPhone Case That is 'Ag-Proof' (and it isn't an Otterbox)
June 07, 2012

Being an Ag teacher means you're hard on stuff.  You don't mean to be.  It just comes with the territory.  Dirt, dust, sweat, rain, manure, students...none of these things mix well with technology.  Over the years, my cell phones have succumbed to a number of hazards associated with being an Ag teacher.  So when I finally got an iPhone this Christmas, I wanted to make sure to protect this valuable little gadget from the hardships that my other phones have endured.