Yeast and the trees who love them

September 30, 2012

Pine trees are not just for lumber production anymore.  Researchers have discovered a yeast that is capable of digesting wood chips so that they can increase the ethanol yield provided.   Forestry, environmental science, agriscience, and biotechnology can benefit from a story like this.  Have a great week and happy reading.

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House plants are more than just odor eaters

September 10, 2012

 Scientists are discovering that house plants are beneficial to humans in more ways than just brightening your office or living room.  This horticulture related article would also work well in an environmental science lesson as well.  I'll start being nicer to my English Ivy and Asparagus Fern now that I realize they are doing more than just waiting around for a drink of water.

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Antibiotics in feed have researchers squealing

August 26, 2012

We thought this article would be a great topic in several different lessons.  From feeds & feeding, genetics & mutations, to an animal science digestion lesson there are multiple ways this article can be incorporated.   As always, we created a few bell ringer questions and answers for reading comprehension.  Please share with your fellow teachers and we hope this helps you meet your literary requirement.

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Walking on broken glass and happy about it

August 21, 2012

Ran across this Ag. Mechanics article about an engineering student from Michigan State who came up with a novel way to recycle glass and thought it would make a good class intro or discussion piece for your class.  We also created a few bell ringer questions and answers for reading comprehension. 

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Robo-jellies and Science

August 12, 2012

Here's a great article for innovation related to engineering and Ag. Mechanics.  While we doubt your class will ever turn your shop into a lab for James Bond, but it does illustrate how nature still has a lot to teach us on how things work.  Habitat, marine wildlife, and machine function can all relate to this article.  We've posted 5 bell ringer questions with answers for your convenience.  Spread this articles far and wide so the next generation puts a Robojelly in every garage.  I'd like a red one please.

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Geotropism: an article on how a peanut field lost its way

August 05, 2012

I suspect this farmer couldn't replicate the result he got in the peanut field if he tried.  Fortunately for your class, his bad luck with the weather will provide you with a great illustration of geotropism and how it works and what crop seeds rely on to properly germinate.  Plant science, forestry, and horticulture will all have a good read on this one. I suspect even middle school and high school science teachers can find some value in this article. Feel free to send us your great articles and we'll write them up.  There are 5 questions and answers for your to copy and paste for your bell work. Always remember to keep your seeds sunny side up.

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