Horse Judging Skill Builder Card Set 1


Finding practice classes for your Horse Judging team is a never-ending quest. The problem is you can only use them a few times before your students end up memorizing the placings. At One Less Thing, we understand so we've made it easier for you. 

Our Horse Judging Skill Builder cards allow you to set up a variety of unique classes and placings by simply using different horses and reordering the class. Each set contains full color laminated 5x7 cards of 10 different horses. Each horse has a card for side view, back view, and front view (so that's 3 cards per horse).

No more pausing grainy videos or trying to point out characteristics on blurry PowerPoint photos. Just lay out the cards and you have an instant practice class. Because they are laminated, you can even draw on the cards with a marker and wipe it back off again to illustrate your reasons as you coach your students. 

This first set of Skill Builder cards contains stock-type horses.  We will be adding more sets throughout the year.