Ag Sales Video, DVD


So you want to train a team for the Agricultural Sales CDE but don't know where to start? Maybe you want to teach a Sales Unit in class but don't have a firm grasp on the subject? The Art of the Sale DVD just made your job easier.

The Art of the Sale not only discusses the key skills needed for the sales presentation but, more importantly, it demonstrates them. Some videos profess to teach the elements of the sales presentation in 17 minutes. That might be fine for an overview of the contest.  However, if your students are going to be comfortable in front of the judges and have the confidence to be successful at the region and state levels, they need the practical knowledge taught in this 58 minute DVD.

Here's the best part: once your students have mastered the concepts they learn through this video, they can apply them to both the individual sales practicum and the team sales activity. 

The chapters included are The Right Perspective, Opening Dialogue, Building Rapport, Determining Wants and Needs, Applying Features and Benefits, Handling Objections, Trial Balloons, Upselling, & The Close, and The Complete Sales Call.  Each chapter is between 5 and 12 minutes long and includes skills for students to practice after viewing.

For a sneak peek at the footage and more information about each individual chapter click here.

The Art of the Sale DVD is like having a guest lecturer teach your class without the hassle of scheduling one. 


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