Plant Science Package, One Step Worksheet and PowerPoints Downloads


If the worksheets and PowerPoints work as well as we think, then why not combine them into one great package.

What does the package cover? 

- Uses of Plants
- Plant Classes and Life Cycles
- Plant Parts
- Asexual Reproduction
- Sexual Reproduction
- Plant Breeding
- Plant Growth
- Nutrient Needs

Sometimes you just need a good worksheet and don't have the time to make one up. Maybe you want your students to have certain information in their notes or you want to make sure you present your information the same way for multiple classes or you need to leave something as substitute work. We have taken the time-consuming and tedious task of creating worksheets off your to-do list. Now just hit copy (or print) and you are done. 

These PowerPoints are correlated to our One Step Worksheets but can be used independently. Each PowerPoint covers one section of the One Step Worksheets. If you have the worksheets, your students can used the follow along on the Guided Notes, if not that is ok. The slideshows are made to be easy to follow, simple to take notes from, and a snap to add to.

*all files may be downloaded to your computer for modification to your needs


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