Equine Anatomy, Remote Learning Ready Lesson


Wouldn't it be nice to have a lesson that your students can use online and has everything in one place?

Do you need one that also has an offline version for your students that have limited or lack of access to the internet or a device and provides the same components as the digital version?

We understand how hard it is to pivot your teaching to remote learning. Creating resources for students with such a wide range of access without overwhelming them or making it complicated is...challenging.  

So whether you want your students to progress in their learning or simply keep agriculture in front of them while you are out of the classroom, this resource will provide an engaging lesson that is easy for a student to complete independently

Best of all, you can use this to pick right back up in the fall and make it part of your curriculum going forward.

This lesson covers the external anatomy of the horse.

Included in the digital downloads are:

  • Instructor Guide and Answer Keys
  • PDFs, PowerPoints, and Google Slide versions of all lesson components
  • Student Learning
  • Guided Practice for Skill Development
  • Applied Activity 
  • Student Assessment 

This lesson is can stand alone or be added to any Animal Science, Basic Agriculture, or Middle School curriculum. 

Anyone can use this lesson to teach parts of the horse, even a substitute teacher (or a parent). 

How It Works

Download the PDFs and PowerPoints and begin using the materials right away. After completing your purchase, simply check your email for the download link and you are good to go.  

Download a PDF of our Digital Download FAQs 

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