FFA & Creed One Step Worksheets and PowerPoints, Download


This is a combination of the FFA Basics & The Creed, One Step Worksheet Downloads AND FFA Basics and the Creed, PowerPoint Downloads

What kinds of worksheets are included?
  • Fill-in-the-Blank worksheets (good for Guided Notes or even Tests)
  • Tests with Multiple-Choice, Matching, and Fill-in-the-Blank questions 
  • Word Puzzles (both Crosswords and Word Searches)

What do they cover?

  • FFA essentials and FFA history
  • Each paragraph of the FFA Creed
  • The entire FFA Creed

These PowerPoints are correlated to our FFA Essentials One Step Worksheets but can be used independently. Each PowerPoint covers one section of the One Step Worksheets. If you have the worksheets, your students can used the follow along on the Guided Notes, if not that is ok. The slideshows are made to be easy to follow, simple to take notes from, and a snap to add to.

On the digital downloads there are a .ppt files that cover the important dates and people in FFA history as well as fundamental FFA knowledge (degrees, colors, motto, mission statement) and PowerPoints for the FFA Creed. You can choose from a single paragraph of the Creed or the entire 5 paragraphs.  

*all files may be downloaded to your computer for modification to your needs



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