Meats Judging Cuts ID Senior, IDPix Cards


**Updated to the current (2016-2021) National FFA Meats Judging CDE list.**

Training a Meats Judging team is time-consuming and expensive! The driving around town trying to find different cuts, working with a local butcher (if you are lucky), countless hours searching the internet for photos...and then you still have to teach how to identify each cut. We've been there which is why we've made our Meats Judging ID cards the most comprehensive practice cards available. Not only do we show multiple views of each cut and give a description, but we also point out the key features to look for. Your students can practically train themselves! 
Teachers love our IDPix cards because they make it so simple to train a CDE team or teach a class. They are perfect for self-study, testing, and can even be taken with you on the bus for last-minute reviews. 
    - 5x7 inch full color photos with multiple views of each cut
    - each is also labeled on the back with key characteristics labeled
    - laminated with a sealed edge for durability
They are also available separately as Beef Only, Pork Only, or Lamb Only.

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