Lamb and Chevon Fabrication Worksheets, AgTivities


This worksheet set covers the basics of meat science related to mutton, chevon, and lamb meat. Topics covered include carcass primals, differences in meat types, yield & quality grade information, and harvesting techniques. These worksheets are great for students you want to introduce to meats judging and meat science. Also, this is a great worksheet as a sub lesson or an alternative activity.

Included are in the PDF download: guided notes, crossword puzzle, word search, and quiz. Keys for each worksheet are included. All you have to add is the detail in your lecture to highlight these worksheets.

Buy all eight topics and save. The Meat Science Worksheet Bundle covers:

  • Overview of Meat Science
  • Meat Processing
  • Beef
  • Meat Safety
  • Harvesting and Fabrication
  • Pork
  • Meat Careers

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