Parliamentary Procedure, Abilities Practice Cards - Junior


Preparing for a CDE requires practicing just like the contest but creating main motions, abilities, and oral questions takes time that most teachers don't have. Make coaching your team or practicing abilities in class easy with our Abilities cards.

This set contains 6 sets of abilities cards that are set up just like the cards used at CDEs.
Each set contains a stated main motion, 2 subsidiary motions, 2 incidental motions, and 1 motion that is either Privileged or Brings a Question Again Before the Assembly.
There are also Oral Questions with answers and point values for each of the 6 team members related to their assigned ability.
Choose from either the download version (PDF file) so you can print your own cards or the pre-laminated version that comes in a sturdy storage box.
Abilities Practice is a valuable tool for getting your CDE team ready quickly and easily.
Note: Junior Sets contain only the motions that are permissable for the Georgia FFA Junior CDE but are great practice for Senior Teams and for classes learning Parliamentary Procedure. (Motions that are excluded: Postpone Indefinitely, Division of a Question, Withdraw, and Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn)

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