An iPhone Case That is 'Ag-Proof' (and it isn't an Otterbox)

June 07, 2012

LifeProof iPhone case

Over the years, my cell phones have had fatal encounters with a number of hazards associated with being an Ag teacher.  There was the phone that drowned when I got caught in a sudden downpour while loading the livestock trailer.  The one right after that functioned fine but became increasingly difficult to view through the accumulated dust and cow hair that was under the screen.  Another suffered a slow and agonizing death from many bumps, scratches, drops, and lots and lots of shop dust.  

So when I finally got an iPhone this Christmas I wanted to make sure I protected my new indispensable gadget from the hardships my other phones have endured.  I bought an Otterbox thinking that was the solution since everyone I know has one.  Six hours later I took it back.  I felt like it had turned my sleek iPhone into something akin to a Texas Instruments calculator clipped to my belt.  For weeks I searched the web, read reviews, and tried to find a case that would protect my iPhone but still be functional while looking decent.  I discovered the LifeProof case and have extolled its virtues to everyone since then.

The Top 4 Reasons I Love My LifeProof Case

1.  It's waterproof.  Really.  Up to 6 feet deep.  So now I don't fear the weather, sweat, spilled drinks, or even the occasional accidental dunk into water tanks.  I've even used it to take pictures at the beach and pool.

2.  It's slim.  The case only adds 1/16th of an inch so I don't have to nickname my phone "The Hulk" like I did when I tried the Otterbox.

3.  It's dust-proof.  Ag teachers are around a lot of dirt.  It's a fact of life and now that I'm a parent it might as well be dirt-squared.

4.  It's shock-resistant.  Even though my phone lives on my belt clip, I'm often juggling putting it back in, getting out of the truck, answering questions from the kids, and trying to carry much more than I really should.  So it does get dropped but it's protected.

Minor Disadvantages 

1. If you use your iPhone to shoot video the sound is a little muffled. 

2. If you play music the sound comes through spectacularly because the case actually works like sub-woofer (you can feel it vibrate with the sound waves when you hold it).  However, if you want to use your headphones you have to use the included adapter which is a little inconvenient but not too much.

3. If you use a docking station, you'll need to purchase the extender so it can reach outside of the case. I just use the charger that came with it so it fits fine. 

Some people complain that the touch isn't as sensitive but I don't even notice so that hasn't been an issue for me.  The advantages this case provides far outweigh the minor drawbacks in my opinion.  My iPhone has lived in this case since the day it came in the mail and I am extremely happy with it.

So if you have an iPhone or are considering getting one, you might look into a LifeProof case. Their website has good information and several video testimonials. You can also search on YouTube and find quite a few demonstration videos. The company website is

App Advice also just posted their own review. You can read it here.

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