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We know that you do everything you can to make sure your students have the right information or you wouldn’t be on our website. You want to take students to a CDE properly prepared for the event. But where is your time to do that? Gathering materials, studying up on the CDE yourself... it all takes time. And time is what is in short supply. PLOW tutorials give you back part of each day and allows your students excel at the next CDE. With those two pieces in place, YOU will rock your next school year.

2-Week Free Trial

This not only will it help your students understand the CDEs even better, but it will also give them the confidence needed so they have a positive experience in FFA. And deepen your knowledge of the subject matter.

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So it's the first week of school.  You look at the clock and realize you are out of content/ideas/stamina but you still have 15 minutes left in class.  Instead of inwardly groaning, you pull out your "Just In Case" file where you've made copies of several free worksheets from One Less Thing.  You put your students to work, savor the silence, and get back to trying to learn the names of 100 new students.'s the last week of school, the day after a standardized test, or when half your students are gone a class field trip.  Same scenario.  We hope these worksheets will ease whatever stress you have about finding something constructive and relevant for your students to do. Files will download as PDFs. 

Here are several worksheets on basic FFA knowledge.  Use them for review or have your students find the answers in the FFA Student Manual.  This one is for the symbols used in FFA for the emblem and officer stations: FFA Symbols.  This Fill-in-the-Blank worksheet covers many of the acronyms and terms used in the FFA.  We call it "Do You Speak FFA?".  Want a Crossword on to go along with the all-around essential FFA terminology? Here you go: FFA Terms

Really want to keep your class busy?  This is a 2-page Crossword Puzzle on all the Proficiency Award Areas: Proficiency Areas

A great way to introduce your students to the impact of agriculture on their lives or as a Class Starter/Bellringer in your Forestry class is this Word Search puzzle on products we get from trees: Products From Trees.

If you need an activity for your students to review what they've learned at the end of a unit or at the end of a class, here is Review A to Z.  This can be used as an individual or group activity.  You could even go over everyone's answers at the end of class and score it on originality (extra points for answers that no other group thought of).