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You've found it - the link to our sample lesson plans. These lessons represent our formatting and presentation style so you have a better idea of what you are getting with our curriculum. So take a look, add them to your shopping cart, and order these free samples and see how they work for you.


PLOW Video Tutorials 2-Week FREE Trial

We know that you do everything you can to make sure your students have the right information or you wouldn’t be on our website. You want to take students to a CDE properly prepared for the event. But where is your time to do that? Gathering materials, studying up on the CDE yourself... it all takes time. And time is what is in short supply. PLOW tutorials give you back part of each day and allows your students excel at the next CDE. With those two pieces in place, YOU will rock your next school year.

2-Week Free Trial

This not only will it help your students understand the CDEs even better, but it will also give them the confidence needed so they have a positive experience in FFA. And deepen your knowledge of the subject matter.