School Purchase Orders

  • Does One Less Thing take school purchase orders?

You bet we do. Feel free to email us your PO# to We always appreciate a digital copy of the purchase order as well. 

  • Can I order online with a school purchase order?

Sure, just enter the PO number in the notes box at the bottom of the "shopping cart" page or send it in an email to

  • What if our school is tax exempt?

Please email us your tax exempt form prior to ordering, so that you will not be charged sales tax during the ordering process. We have an accountant. He loves that stuff. Submit your tax exempt form to 

  • My school really wants me to have a quote. Can you provide one?

Absolutely!     "You can observe a lot just by watching." - Yogi Berra

We never miss a good opportunity to throw in a dad joke. We will quote our products for you as well. As you look at our products you'll see the "add to quote" button. Just click that button for every product you are interested in. We'll quote them all.

  • My admins love a good "kit" and even sometimes a "combo". Can you make those?

Feel free to select a group of items for a quote. Drop us a note with the quote that says "Can you make this a {insert awesome admin kit name here}?" We'll be glad to do it. Because who doesn't love a good "Plant Science Kit" or even a "Vet Science Kit"? I mean we do!

  • Do you need to set up an account with us prior to placing an order?

Nope. When you order, an account is created.

  • I need to fax our purchase order.

Sorry, we held onto our fax machine longer than we should have. We gave it up when too many orders were getting lost somewhere between your school fax machine and our office. Now, those faxes are set free. Free to wander the internet in search of truth, purpose, and light. 

  • Our bookkeeper needs a W-9 in order to set One Less Thing up as a vendor. How do I get one?

Just ask! We can email one to you right away. Our email is You'll notice a theme with our contact email. No sense in sending quotes all over. One email the rule them all.

  • Anything else we should know?

It's just Brian and Alicia at the One Less Thing command center. Which is disguised as a small office. In fact, it actually looks exactly like a small office. So we make awesome products along with answering emails, phone calls, packing, shipping, and car line. Yes, while we seem superhuman there are times where we email you back from an idling minivan. It is a glamorous life.

So, it's always good to check in, but be patient. Car line waits for no man and the kids can't walk home from swim practice. If you are desperate Brian does check his email all day and late into the evening. No promises but he is known to fix files and setup download links long after all the owls called it a night. No promises, but if you're asking if there's a chance. Well...yes there's always a chance.