School Purchase Orders

  • Do we take school purchase orders? You bet we do.
  • Do you need to set up an account with us prior to placing an order? Nope. When you order, an account is created.
  • I need to fax our purchase order. Sorry. We don't use a fax service anymore because too many orders were getting lost in the transmission. 
  • Can I order online with a school purchase order? Sure, just enter the PO number in the notes box at the bottom of the "shopping cart" page or send it in an email to
  • Our bookkeeper needs a W-9 in order to set One Less Thing up as a vendor. How do I get one? Just ask and we can email one to you right away. Our email is
  • What if our school is tax exempt? Please email us your tax exempt form prior to ordering, so that you will not be charged sales tax during the ordering process. Submit your tax exempt form to