6-14 Careers in Ag, Lesson Plan Download


We all have those areas where we need some (or a lot of) help developing lessons and activities.  Coming up with relevant and engaging lessons and activities can be next to impossible when you have so much on your To Do list. Use our All-in-One Lesson Plans to make your day easier.

This lesson can be used for middle school or Basic Ag/Intro to Ag classes. Your students will learn about the different employment segments in agriculture, determine their personality types with a career interest quiz, and research Ag occupation opportunities in this lesson on careers.

Each lesson plan includes: 

- an Essential Question

- the correlating Georgia Performance Standard (soon to be updated to National Standards)

- an explanation of the content and activity or activities

- printable student activity pages 

- grading rubrics

- a slide view page of the lesson's PowerPoint 

- a separate PowerPoint file

So sit back and relax...well ok, we know you don't relax. At least reduce your stress level and anxiety about what to teach tomorrow or next week. We've got you covered.

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