FFA Basics, Unit Set Download Only


Some activities are only good once you complete the unit but ours are made to reinforce the material along the way. Don't limit yourself to just one, go for the Unit Set so you can tailor your review activities to your class composition and time constraints. 

All three products promote kinesthetic learning, student engagement, and reinforcement. 

Quick Cards contains question and answer cards for activities like Ticket-in(or out)-the-Door, Jeopardy, etc. or even for studying for the FFA Quizbowl.

Bingo includes both question Call Cards and student bingo cards with the answers. 

Recall is a digital file of matching cards to use in memory games, word scrambles, and other activities.  

Unit Sets are now available ONLY as a set of digital files. Download the PDFs and print as many sets of cards as you need.

Topics cover the fundamentals of FFA including:

  • FFA history: dates, people, and places
  • The Motto
  • The Emblem
  • The Officers and their stations
  • Opening Ceremonies and Official Dress
  • Degrees and Membership  

(Each component of the Unit Set can be purchased individually.)

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