Measuring, One Step Worksheet Downloads


So you've figured out that most of your students can't read a ruler... 
Instead of trying to draw rulers on the board or make your own worksheets, make it easy on yourself. Our worksheets not only give your students practice reading a ruler from zero and other points on the ruler, but they also include fraction practice. Develop their skills and then give one of the worksheets as a test before allowing them to move on to the shop. Just hit copy (or print) and you are done. 
  • What is included?
- Introduction pages for reading an 1/8th inch ruler and a 1/16th inch ruler (or measuring tape)
- Practice pages for reading and measuring using an 1/8th inch ruler
- Practice pages for reading and measuring using a 1/16th inch ruler
- Fraction practice that includes adding, subtracting, and multiplying
- Answer keys for all practice pages 

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