Plant Science, Complete Curriculum (Printed Copy Included)


Sunday nights don’t have to be stressful anymore. Now you can go into your week knowing that you have relevant informative lessons with engaging activities ready for your students

Feel confident in front of your class because this curriculum includes everything that you need to capture your students’ attention and teach the standard...All. Year. Long. 

Yup. An entire year of lessons, activities, assessments. Everything you need and need to know to teach the curriculum.

Best of all, no expertise or prior knowledge of Plant Science is needed. 

Included in the digital downloads are:

  • Instructor Guides
  • Content Outline with Talking Points
  • Matching PowerPoint
  • Guided Student Notes
  • Written Assessment for Pre/Post Test
  • Student Activity Pages
  • Activity Assessments
  • Answer Keys for Everything

This high school curriculum fulfills the requirements for several pathways and the lessons can be reordered to suit your needs. 

Individual lessons and activities from this set can be added to any high school (or even 8th grade) agriculture class. Anyone can use this curriculum to teach Plant Science, even a substitute teacher.

If a printed version to go along with your files of the Animal Science, Complete Curriculum is what you have been missing, we got you covered.

Get TWO D-ring binders ready! The printed curriculum includes both the Instructor Guide and the Lab Manual. We had to split them because they won't fit in one binder. They are that comprehensive! 

How It Works

Download the PDFs and PowerPoints and begin using the curriculum right away. 

After completing your purchase, simply check your email for a download link and you are good to go.  

Spend your time teaching students instead of figuring out what to do.


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