State Your Plate Holiday Meal Commodities


Holidays, and the days leading up to them, can be especially…challenging with even the best classes. So if you are struggling to find an activity to keep your class “on task” and engaged in the last days before a holiday break, then look no further. This is a fun one to stimulate a discussion how much of the country contributes to agriculture in our daily lives. 

This activity introduces your students to the states that produce the commodities most commonly used at holiday meals. Ag literacy is a growing concern among our population as many people do not have a working knowledge of where their food comes from.

This is a simple activity that you can even leave for a substitute or utilize when you do not have a full class for various reasons (checked out early, standardized testing, etc.). 

Now includes an Instructor Guide with suggestions to make the activity more challenging or alter it for students that have performed it in the past.