5 Food Science Lesson Ideas

December 12, 2014

I've seen quite a few up and coming Ag teachers looking for ideas on what to teach for Food Science.  Take a look at the photos and see if they inspire your creativity.  Don't be afraid to try these out and not have it perfect.  You only fail when you never try. 

1. Canning carrot cake jam and apple butter.  A great lesson to learn how to preserve food and practice food safety.

Credit: Stacy Byrd @ Fernbank Science Center and Museum Atlanta, GA

2.  Product development in food science.  These students are utilizing potatoes to see if they can invent something better than the tater tot or french fry.


Credit: Jamie Propson

3.  Product labeling. This class took their favorite drinks and tried their hand at redesigning the product labels including the Nutrition Fact on the back of the container.


Credit: Heyworth FFA

4.  Micro organism sampling from food products.  Great way to practice some lab skills and compare & contrast microbes from different types of food.


Credit: Jennifer Dillon, Tripoli FFA

5.  Discover emulsions and develop an understanding about homogenization, suspensions, and mixtures in Food Science.

Credit: Steven Hameister


Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing.  Send me some feedback and follow us on Pinterest and Twitter

Have a great week at school!

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