Basic Vet Science skills for every classroom

December 26, 2014

Whether you have a year long Vet tech class or just a unit or two during a semester there are basic skills that anyone who cares for animals should be able to complete.

1.  There are actually two here.  First being able to train rabbits to be handled including lay on their back.  That's not a natural posture for rabbits and must be taught and practiced.

2.  Checking the pulse and respiration rate of small animals and large alike can tell a great deal about how an animal is feeling. 

created by AGHS FFA

3.  Part of being a Vet Tech or Vet Assistant is knowing the proper animal restraint technique for each species and then hold on tight.  Looks like someone's getting a fecal float today.

created by Wamogo FFA

4.  There may be a need for immediate first aid and your students need to recognize the signs and provide the appropriate care.

created by Ledford FFA

5.  Lastly it may come down to everyday care like nail trimming.  It's not as easy as it looks especially if you don't know where the cut line is.

created by Ledford FFA

These are just a few of the many skills that Vet tech and Vet Assist students need to be able to master so that they can step into a Veterinary practice and provide immediate assistance to the medical staff.  Keep the students practicing and encourage them to bring their small animals for regular care to strengthen their skills. 

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Have a great week at school!