Business/Fundraiser Ideas for Ag Class

December 19, 2014

Business/Fundraiser Ideas for Ag Class

There's only so much welding, cutting, or sawing you can do in an Ag mechanics shop before the interest starts to wane and the students get tired of doing the same old thing.  Undoubtedly you've had a few occasions where decide you wanted a small business for your class to include in your lesson plans.  But what in the world would your students build that people would actually buy? Here are a few examples that can give you an idea or spark an even better business for your class/FFA chapter.



1.  If you like your hay you better put a ring on it (Thanks Beyoncé!). It seems like hay rings last about as long as the cows want them to which means a local cattleman or woman is always in need of another or a new one.

courtesy of Okinawa FFA


2.  Hay forks are great if you have a solid crew of welders in your Ag Mechanics classes. Those students always need a new challenge and you can impress the local farmers with their skills with this implement.

 courtesy of Rockdale FFA


3.  Grills are always a manageable project to use as a fundraiser. Your design may vary from a 55 gallon drum to an old propane tank but I bet there's a tailgate near you that could use some updated grill action.

courtesy of Magnolia West FFA


4.  Add a little style to your fundraising idea with a school/chapter key chain. There are always Ag teachers looking for ideas to use with their CNC machine and key chains can be steady income producer. You can even create specialized ones for Star Farmers, State, and National degree recipients. It just a matter of a little design time and handing them out at meetings to make the freshmen want one too.

courtesy of George Ranch FFA


5. Business ideas don't always solve a cooking problem or work issue.  Sometimes people need a little more fun in their life.  Corn hole is the way to go. This game isn't going away any time soon. We've seen these on the beach, at tailgates, outside waiting areas at restaurants, along with in the backyard.

courtesy of Johnboy Wilson


Hopefully this covers enough ground to get you going on your class business idea.  Feel free to share your ideas. Ag teachers are always looking for ideas and here's an easy one for your students to build for Electrical Wiring station setup. Also, click over and see what we have for Ag Mechanics teaching materials and find something that can help you.


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