3 Great Animal Science activities that use Play Dough

January 12, 2015

It's always important to get you students active in the lesson.  Sitting and listening just doesn't always make the information stick.  As a teacher on a budget, you have to have resources that are multipurpose and play dough fits the bill.  Here are 3 great Animal Science activities you can incorporate into your agriculture lesson plans.

1.   Students can demonstrate their knowledge by creating one of the systems you are presenting.  The example here is the porcine digestive system.

courtesy of Cleveland FFA

2. You can break down the lesson further and have the students demonstrate their knowledge of a specific organ. The example give here is a horse heart.

courtesy of George Ranch FFA

3. You can create the visual yourself and use it as a display item during the lesson.  The one posted was placed on a dry erase board and the parts were labeled with a dry erase marker.

courtesy of Pinterest

These are just three examples.  Feel free to share yours with us on Pinterest or Twitter.  We'd love to see how you were inspired.

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Have a great week at school!