Interactive Ways to Teach Vet Directonal Terminology

March 20, 2015

Few students get excited when you announce that the class is going to learn directional terminology.  Relying on PowerPoints and lecture will just take all the fun out of an interesting subject.  This lesson can be very memorable if you mix things up and get those students actively learning the subject matter.  Here are several different approaches to teach Directional Terminology.

1.  Stuffed animals are great patients and don't mind the attention from the students.  Tape the directions right onto their fur.

courtesy Jamie Propson

2.  It may be the strangest kind of yoga you've ever performed but the movements can really bring a new way to remember the directions.

courtesy Megan Campbell Penn State AgEd

3.  Gummy bears make great patients too.  Provide the directions and planes you want the students to cut along and get them dicing. 

courtesy Pinterest

4.  If gummy bears are too small for your students upgrade to modeling clay or play dough.  Remember all you need is a head, body, and 4 appendages.  If their animal looks like Picasso made it, that's no big deal as long as the directional terms can be identified. 

courtesy Pinterest

5. You can always have students to volunteer to be the patient and tape the directions right onto the directions.

courtesy Wamogo FFA

6.  When you have more time add a degree of difficulty and have your students create paper mache replicas of small animals or livestock.  It's your choice if they add the directional terms directly to the piece or if they use them along with Post-It notes to ID the terms.

courtesy Lisa Pieper

7.  If your students aren't big snackers you can even use animal crackers.  Just make sure they eat the subjects AFTER they've completed the activity.

courtesy Jamie Propson

So make this lesson a memorable one so that your students will talk about it for days to come.  Find us on Pinterest and Twitter and tag us in a few pictures of how it turns out. 

Good luck and have a great week at school!

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