Fantastic Alternative Assessment Idea for Labs and Shop Activities

February 12, 2016

The likelihood of a teacher standing and watching each student perform a skill in class is negligible but everyone still needs to be assessed . Anna Bates the Advisor at San Luis Obispo HS came up with a great idea to use technology to her advantage when assessing her students and their newly acquired skills.  What subjects will this technique work on? Here's a brief list:


Vet Science skills (all of them -- restraint techniques, taking blood, sutures,...)

Forestry - pacing, measurement, timber cruising, reforestation, and tree/disorders identification

Ag Mechanics - woodworking, metals, hydraulics, and welding

Soils - texture, sedimentation, making a ribbon, and soil sampling

Horticulture - potting, mixing soil, seeding, watering, and dead heading

You'll notice if your student needs to demonstrate a skill, then they can use this assessment method and you won't pull your hair out. 

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