Beef Breeds Memory Game and More Activities to Go With It

February 13, 2016

A teacher can review and lecture until they are blue in the face, but once the student becomes engaged in learning that's when the magic happens.  So convey the information they need to know and then get them up and moving to learn in their own way.  Here's a review activity that you don't spend time on but your students will learn from whether they know it or not.  Areas these type of activities cover:

Animal & Plant Processes

Comparing plant and animal species and breeds


Any somewhat tedious set of information that you really need to reinforce can benefit from these sort of review activities.  Get the students up and get them engaged.  Here's a short video where I go over the details.  Good luck with this and please let us know your thoughts.  Please follow us on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter. Send us your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest handles and we'll be glad to follow as well. You can also contact me at