Free Soils Posters For Ag Teachers

September 24, 2013

Let's face it. The soil science is a challenge unless you have a degree in it. The NRCS provides a great webpage with a lot of helpful posters that are available for download as a PDF. Just click the link below to go to their resource page.

NRCS Resource Page 

This link sends you to a poster of the 12 soil orders in soil science.  What you don't know all those by heart.  Well neither did I.  But it is a neat poster to fill up space in your classroom and it is free. 

If you need some ideas for soil activities and judging then take a look at Tailgate Soil Judging and Texture Practice and see ideas from other teachers.  We have posters as well. Step over to our Poster Page and see what will help fill up your walls.