Floral Design Videos on plowvideos.com

November 20, 2023

Floral Design Videos on plowvideos.com

Here’s a list of the 32 Floral Design Tutorial Videos for the Floriculture CDE or Floral Design Class featured the plowvideos.com website:

 on the PLOWvideos.com website:

Best Practices (4)

  • Checking Quality and Prepping Flowers
  • Taping Your Florist Wire
  • Best Practices for Soaking Foam
  • A Simple Technique for Tying Bows

Body Flowers (13)

  • Designing A Traditional Boutonniere
  • How To Make A Traditional Corsage
  • Making A Multiflower Corsage
  • Create A Wristlet With Ribbon
  • Unique Designs Using Wire
  • How To Make A Wire Floret
  • Adding Florals To The Wire Floret
  • Using The Wire Coil Technique
  • Adding Florals To The Coil
  • Making A Double Wire Design
  • Adding Florals To The Matching Boutonniere
  • Adding Florals To The Hairpiece
  • How To Attach Wire Forms

Better Bud Vases (3)

  • The Classic
  • A Modern Twist
  • Creating Proper Scale

Center Pieces (5)

  • An Introduction To Centerpieces
  • Linear Design
  • The Classic Round
  • A Low Water-based Arrangement
  • Creating A Tall Water-based Design

Bouquets (2)

  • Using Roses For A Hand Tied Bouquet
  • Hand-Tied Bouquet With Carnations

Principles of Design (5)

  • Understanding The Cde Scorecard
  • Details Make The Difference
  • Common Bud Vase Mistakes
  • Linear Concepts
  • Scoring Higher at the CDE