Let Minions Do Your Work For You During FFA Week

November 21, 2019

Let Minions Do Your Work For You During FFA Week

Advisors are always looking for a great way to promote FFA week with their members and students at school. It's always great when you have minions to do the work for you. 

Colquitt County FFA continues with another neat idea for your chapter. They dressed up Twinkies like Minion FFA members that are sure to get plenty of attention among the students and get the school talking about your chapter.

To get the wrapper go to one of the many online stores that have a printable Minion wrapper file like THIS. Or you can simply search for "Printable Minion Twinkie Wrapper" to get a specific one or customize your chapter wrapper like that in the picture. Then it's a matter of buying the Twinkies, meeting up after school to tape on the wrappers, and then handing them out at school.

This Twinkie Minion FFA member is something your students will really enjoy making and handing out as part of FFA week. If you need some more FFA week ideas then take a look at Mini Jacket Chapter Activity for Recruiting as a way to spread the word one locker door at a time. Stop by the FFA Basics section of our store for activities and lessons to increase the FFA knowledge of your students.