Meat Science Grilling Lab for Any FFA Chapter

March 16, 2017

Meat Science Grilling Lab for Any FFA Chapter

Holton FFA in Kansas completes a lab every year that is right up our alley. They take various cuts of beef and grill them. While this could just be a great bonus day for class the students can actually get a lot out of it. Correct cooking method, cooking several cuts with varying amounts of marbling, fat and flavor, and cooking several cuts of meat at varying temperatures can provide a lot of first hand knowledge to illustrate some very basic concepts of meat science. Now try not to think about steak for the rest of the day. If you'd like some insight into proper cooking techniques here's a link to the Texas A&M website on meat preparation and cooking.

Cooking and Smoking

Here's an example of how another FFA Chapter, Vega FFA, practices their skills as a part of a service project for the community. Any time you can let the students participate you'll extend their knowledge they learned in the classroom.

Brisket Lab

We have some tasty Meats Judging CDE materials. Whether you need more practice Beef Yield Grading or more time studying Meat ID check them out here (MEATS JUDGING) or send me a question you are often asked about meat judging at