Meats Judging Activity and Bulletin Board

May 01, 2019

Meats Judging Activity and Bulletin Board

In a rut with teaching meats? PowerPoints getting a bit dry and your students over you talking and them staring at you? Get them up, moving, and collaborating.

Why create an activity when the kids can do it for you? Plus you have a ready made bulletin board once you're finished.

Find an empty spot on your wall or a bulletin board that needs an update and put your class to work. Either provide each group the primals or have them research the primal names to determine what their primal looks like. Then, use the National FFA Meats judging list of cuts to see which ones go with each primal. Have them print them out or draw and color. Once you have them tape up the primals you have a pin the cut on the primal activity ready to go.

Split the class in half and have them race to the board, pick up a cut, and quickly tape it to the correct primal. Once they tape it, their group can give them feedback on the correct placement if they are wrong. You can play this by primal, a series of primals, use only "MAJOR" cuts, or go all in [or whole hog :) ] with the entire CDE list of meats cuts.

You can see from the photo the teacher used a dry erase board, but go with what you got and make it happen. If you just can't get enough of meats take a peek at what we have here One Less Thing Meats Judging CDE Materials.