Resist the temptation

September 04, 2020

Three. Day. Weekend. 

Those are probably the sweetest words you’ve heard since “the internet is back up”. I see you picturing that holiday on Monday and in your head those 24 hours seems like Oh-So Much glorious time

But if you’re like me, you won’t be thinking about...

...sleeping a little later

...lingering over coffee

...indulging your spouse or kids in your undivided attention

...or even picturing relaxing at a nice family cookout. 

If you're like me, then I bet you’re thinking about much you can get done. much “catching up” you can do. 

...all the lessons you can organize.

...all the documents you can finish or create or digitize. 

...the ideas you can implement. 

...the visits you can make. 

It’s tempting.

That “extra” day can feel like just what you need to Get All The Things Done. But if there was ever a year that you needed to give yourself permission to be “off”, this is it. 

This year is going to be more of a haul than usual and you are going to need every bit of recharge that you can get

Think of it like when your phone or laptop is down to 7% and you only have 10 minutes to plug it in. You take those 10 minutes and the 3% of power it gets you because every bit helps. 

Resist the urge to play catch up this weekend. 

Instead spend time recharging however that looks for you. Whether it’s zoning out on social media or cooking a meal or actually sitting down at a livestock show (what a concept) that. 

It will all be there on Tuesday. Catch up on yourself instead. 
Alicia Tomlinson, creator and trying to take my own advice 
One Less Thing and PLOW

P.S. If you simply NEED to work in order to feel better, then do it. But please set a time when you will close your laptop and do something else. It will be there. Go get your 3% charge.