Using Insects to Spark Interest in the Natural Resources Lesson

November 17, 2019

Using Insects to Spark Interest in the Natural Resources Lesson

You may not see it at first glance, but there's a moth hiding in that photo. Commerce Middle School students take a day to camouflage different insects to their "surroundings" in the classroom. 

On top of that the class asks teachers and administrators to come in and try to find as many of their camouflaged creatures as they can. Not an easy task at all based on the blog photo.

The key here is that it would be easy to provide a lecture and a study guide for the students and move on to a test on insects, but you can take the extra step to let the students use their creativity to see if they are as clever as the insects are.

During this time, you walk around and reinforce the principles that were discussed during the lecture. You may even introduce a few more vocabulary words and terms when you find a meaningful example that illustrates them. This is where the rubber meets the road for educating students. Take the time to expand on the lecture with a great activity.

If you need another hands-on project for your class take a look at Incubating Quail Eggs in Class Is More Than Just Hatching Eggs and see if your students are up for the challenge and maybe even more.  We do have forestry, wildlife, and natural resources curriculum. Click over and see what you can find that will ease the stress of multiple preps in your busy day.