You can’t pour from an empty cup

December 18, 2019

You can’t pour from an empty cup

That phrase resonates with me. I think it describes what we do as teachers incredibly well. 

Aren’t we always trying to fill our students’ cups? 

We pour our energy, our enthusiasm, our heart and soul...and maybe some of our competitive spirit...into our kids. Every. Day.  

It’s part of our purpose as teachers. To see our kids find their potential and reach their goals and stretch beyond what they thought they were capable of doing. 

But if we aren’t careful, we end up...well...a little bit empty

It feels like burn out. It feels like just being DONE. 

Most of the time, we know it’s temporary. That we just need a break from running wide open and being “on” all the time. But sometimes...sometimes, we worry. We worry that we won’t bounce back or that the Sunday night dread will overtake us. 

Take off your advisor hat for awhile. Set down all the Things That Must Be Done for a afternoon...a whole weekend. 

Go visit friends that love you enough not to worry about cleaning up first. Talk. Laugh. Tell your “and THEN this kid goes and…” stories. Laugh some more. 

Drive to the feedstore by yourself. Say no to the kids that “just want to help” and water the greenhouse in peace. Get lost on social media while you drink your coffee (it’s allowed). Accomplish your errands during “normal business hours” (what a concept!). 

Whatever “Me Time” looks like to you, I encourage you to take it. Give yourself permission to say “This is MY time” whenever you can over the break. 

At the beginning of the holidays, two weeks seems like a gloriously long time...but we all know how quickly it goes by. Be sure to fill up your cup NOW with whatever does it for you. 

Enjoy not setting your alarm and have a wonderful holiday!

Alicia Tomlinson, creator and ready for a refill

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