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PLOW (Professional Learning Online Workshop) is a series of video tutorials for Ag teachers. Because Ag teachers are always learning we developed PLOW to provide a site where you can go to further develop your knowledge about various subjects in Agriculture.

Have you ever taken a workshop during the summer and left pumped up and ready for school to start back? Only, when August arrives and you start developing your lessons, you find that there are a few more gaps in your memory about that workshop than you realized. That's where PLOW steps in. You have access to all the series for an entire year (365 days) and you can watch them as many times as you like.  

"But I don't have time to take a course. I need to get my students started now."

Not a problem. These videos are designed so that your students can watch along with you. Use them in class. Pause and playback the step-by-step instructions as needed. It is like having a guest speaker without all the hassle of scheduling one.

These courses are available when you need them. Go at your own pace. Choose the order you watch each section. Make it suit your teaching needs. Let your CDE students watch on their own so they will be ready to practice.

You have access to the course for an entire year (365 days). Watch the videos as many times as you like. You can start now.

Check out the video library here: PLOW Video Tutorials

Or sign up for a 14-day free trial at: FREE Trial

PLOW includes videos for:

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