CCFOR05.4 Pacing and Planting, Forestry Complete Curriculum


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This lesson is a reforestation lesson on pacing and planting which covers how to find and use your pace factor, hand planting seedlings, and seedling care along with a Skill Development Lab and Evaluation. 

It is aligned to the National AFNR Standards for Natural Resources and the Georgia Curriculum Standards for Forestry Science

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  • Instructor Guides
  • Content Outline with Talking Points
  • Matching PowerPoint
  • Student Guided Notes 
  • Written Assessment for Pre/Post Test
  • Student Lab Pages
  • Skill Development Evaluations
  • Answer Keys for Everything

This lesson is part of the Forestry Science curriculum but can be added to any high school (or even 8th grade) agriculture class. Anyone can use this lesson to teach Forestry, even a substitute teacher. 

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