National FFA Forestry Tree ID, IDPix Cards


2024 Updated List will be ready in September 2024...stay tuned!


Our new Tree ID cards are better than ever. Not only does this set include every tree on the updated National FFA Forestry Tree ID list, but each one also has identifying characteristics and descriptions on the back. 

It simply could not be easier to teach a class or train a CDE team on tree identification.  

These laminated 5x7 cards are perfect for self-study, testing, and can even be taken with you on the bus for last-minute reviews. 

    - 5x7 inch full color photos
    - also include 3 close-up photos of key features (buds, twigs, margins, fruit, pith, etc.)
    - laminated with a sealed edge for durability
    - back includes identification tips and descriptions of tree characteristics
    - includes cards for every tree on the National FFA Forestry CDE list (42 cards total)

Other state sets available (click the state name):

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