Meats Judging Retail Cut ID, POCKET GUIDE


Coaching your Meats Judging team can be a little easier when your students can study on their own time.

With full color photos of every cut on the National CDE list, a description of the key features to look for, and highlighted cut codes, this Retail Cut ID Pocket Guide helps students master the ID portion of the CDE and gain confidence

  1. Still Pocket-Sized: students can carry it with them to study on their own
  2. Still Full-Color: photos (some new) of every cut on the National CDE list 
  3. Still Durable: the pages are now tear-proof paper, so they are just as hardy, but with less bulk than before
  4. NEW Descriptions: now with even more information on what to look for and a focus on learning the muscles and bones
  5. NEW Code Format: with an emphasis on the cut codes, it is even easier for your students to become familiar with them
  6. ADDED Primal Diagrams: extra resource for students to reference the Primals at the start of each species section
  7. ADDED Chart and Diagram: now with a handy reference on the first page and another on the inside back cover that will give your students that “Now I see!” moment

Our Meats ID Pocket Guide makes it so simple to train a CDE team. They are perfect for self-study and can even be taken with you on the bus for last-minute reviews. 

*If you would like to order more than 5 books, please contact us so you can get the team pack price per book. 

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