Micrometer Reading, Skill Builder Cards


Create a strong foundation of knowledge in the classroom before taking students to the shop or lab with our Skill Builder cards. 

2 types of micrometers shown on the cards -  hundredths of a millimeter (0.01mm) and thousandths of an inch (0.001"). 

40 laminated cards:

  • full color, double-sided
  • 4"x6"
  • 20 cards with micrometers in 0.01mm increments
  • 20 cards with micrometers in 0.001" increments
  • answers and math work shown for each measurement on the back
  • 40 total cards

Laminated for durability with a sealed edge.

Perfect to utilize in class and even to use for performing assessments. 

Skill Builder helps introduce students to reading the increments on a micrometer that may be encountered out in the field. Students master the skill more quickly when they are looking at the same image as the instructor. Instead of trying to interpret what they are seeing over someone’s shoulder, they will grasp the concept faster practicing with the cards.

Communication is more effective. Discuss how to read the micrometer and check for common mistakes, such as reading the wrong mark. 

A great activity for when budget or time constraints are keeping you in the classroom. Students can master the skill before heading into the shop and handling actual micrometers. These cards indicate their competency which is for perfect for practicing the skill, as well as assessing it. 

Whether you are teaching Ag Mechanics or preparing your students for a CDE, Skill Builder helps students develop the necessary skills and confidence for success.

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