Plant Anatomy Posters, Set of 4


Whether you use our posters to spice up your classroom walls or as a teaching tool, we know your students will find them simple to understand and will want to study them.

Our posters are unique because they are...

1. Double-sided. One side is labeled and the other is not so you can use it for quizzes or as a learning station activity.

2. Only 11x17 inches. This is the size of two regular sheets of paper which means they are easy to use as an interactive lesson with students and fit well on cabinet doors, in the greenhouse, or on the table. Many teachers even order multiple sets so they can have students work in groups.

3. Already laminated. No sending them to the Media Center and waiting for their return. You can use markers so students can write on them or you can number the parts for a quiz.

This is a set of 4 laminated anatomy posters and includes one of each of the following:
  • monocot vs dicot seed parts
  • flower anatomy
  • monocot and dicot leaf anatomy
  • parts of a woody stem
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