Plant Reproduction, Bingo Download Only


Want your students to beg to review? Then you have got to give Bingo a try! Need a fun activity for the end of class or a great bellringer? This is it.

Bingo is a set of 30 double-sided cards with the answers to the questions in a different arrangement on every card so each student has a unique card. The questions are on the coordinating Call Cards for the instructor. Students can be given small candy, paperclips, or squares of paper to cover their cards. Instructions for playing Bingo four different ways are included in each set. This is a fun way to reinforce the material as you go, review before a quiz, or even to introduce material. 

Topics cover the basics of plant reproduction with a focus on asexual propagation techniques, reproductive structures of the plant, and related terminology.

Bingo is now available ONLY as a digital file. Download the PDFs and print as many sets as you need.

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