Poultry Judging 101 CDE Handbook


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Training a poultry judging team and don't know where to start? Want an easy way to thoroughly teach students (and possibly yourself)? Look no further than this handbook developed for the Poultry Judging CDE.

This handbook is a comprehensive guide for successfully learning (and teaching) the Poultry Judging CDE. Each of the individual activities is explained in detail and accompanied by examples and instructive photos.

Chapters include:

  • Market Broiler Placing
  • Hen Placing
  • Carcass Grading and Placing
  • Interior Egg Grading
  • Exterior Egg Grading
  • Boneless and Bone-In Product Grading (further processed products)
  • Carcass Parts ID
  • Oral Reasons

Poultry Judging 101 is a FULL COLOR handbook with 100+ pages of instruction. Students can learn independently and teachers can also study the nuances of earning points in this contest.

If you have ever wanted a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to judge every class of chickens, parts, eggs, and carcasses in the CDE, then this is it.

Each chapter also includes a quick study summary page. 

**When ordering 3 or more books, the price per book is $60. Please contact us at info@onelessthing.net if you would like to order a different quantity than you see listed here.

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