Poultry Judging Carcass Grading Practice, PowerPoint CD


Coaching a Poultry Judging team can involve buying and cutting up lots of whole birds. After a few freezes and thaws, they can be less than ideal to study from. Our Carcass Grading PowerPoints on a CD can help make your life much easier. No refrigeration required.
Teachers love our IDPix PowerPoints because they make it so simple to train a CDE team or teach a class.  
    - slideshows with full color photos of the front and back of each carcass
    - the carcass grade and defects are given and highlighted on the learning slideshow
    - includes a Learn and Review slideshow and 10 pre-made grading class slideshows
**PowerPoints may be saved to your computer so you can edit and customize them for your purposes. 

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