Syringe Reading, Skill Builder Cards


Create a strong foundation of knowledge in the classroom before taking students into the lab with our Skill Builder cards. 

8 types of syringes showing graduations from 0.6 to 60cc. How to read the syringe markings included on the back

50 laminated cards:

  • full color, double-sided
  • 4"x6"
  • 8 Different Syringe Graduations
  • answers for each dose shown on the back
  • 50 total cards

Laminated for durability with a sealed edge.

Perfect to utilize in class and even to use for performing assessments. 

This card set helps introduce students to reading the different increments on syringes that may be encountered in the field.

Their understanding will progress more quickly when they are looking at the same image that you are, instead of trying to interpret what they are seeing while looking over someone’s shoulder. This allows you to communicate more effectively with them about how to read the markings and check for common mistakes, such as reading at the wrong point. 

Whether you are teaching the Veterinary Science, Animal Science, or preparing your students for a CDE, this card set is very useful for developing the necessary skills and confidence for student success.


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