Whitetail Deer Jawbone Aging, IDPix Cards


Teaching jawbone aging is a fun and engaging activity but if you don't have access to a box full of jawbones or if your students are particularly destructive it can be difficult. Now your class can enjoy this wildlife exercise and you don't have to constantly tell them to be careful so the teeth don't fall out.  
Teachers love our IDPix cards because they make it so simple to engage their students. They are perfect for self-study, testing, and can even be used to train a team for the Wildlife CDE. 
    - 5x7 inch full color photos
    - side and top views of each jawbone
    - laminated with a sealed edge for durability
    - the back of each card has a description and key features labeled (no more guessing!)
    - also includes cards on teeth features and how to determine age

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