Animal Digestion Display Idea

March 16, 2017

Animal Digestion Display Idea

Maconaquah FFA in Indiana decided markers and pencils didn't provide enough emphasis to properly illustrate their animal digestion presentation boards. Students used all sorts of materials (cotton balls, yard, balloons,...) to differentiate unique segments of the digestive tract of their animal and also to add extra pop to their display when they spoke in front of the class.

Many a great leader have said, "Don't tell your staff what to do and how to do it. Give them the task and allow their creativity to spark their problem solving skills to complete the project."Whether for Vet Science, Small Animal Care, and even Animal Science give your students some room to use their creativity and see what they come up with.

Sometimes you need to get your students out of their comfort zone to learn. Soft and fluffy rabbits and kittens are easy to pet and easy to like, but something about a chicken makes students uneasy. Take a look at Meet A Chicken Day and see if you can create this as an introduction into Poultry Science or reinforce some concepts you plant to teach. Take a moment to click over to our Animal Science Activities and find a way for your students to direct their own learning.

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