Apple Related Labs for Food Science

October 10, 2019

Apple Related Labs for Food Science

Whether you have extra after your fruit sale or you are in apple country, having extra apples provides a great opportunity to teach food science skills for high school students. From the photo you can see Finley-Sharon FFA took on the task of preparing to unique apple based food products from start to finish.

The skills taught range from: cleaning, peeling, chopping, coring, and testing apple varieties  to learning to simmer on a stove, the purpose of lemons when preparing apples, and even proper canning techniques (sterilization, fill methods, and storage).

Apple Butter Recipe

Apple Sauce Recipe

You aren't trying to make professional chefs out of your students, but exposing them to hands on food preparation skills will deepen their interest in food and serve them well as adults. If this is a project you'd like to take a step further, then take a look at what Exeter FFA did with their barbecue sauce.

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