Unique Fundraiser for Your FFA Chapter

March 16, 2017

Unique Fundraiser for Your FFA Chapter

Exeter FFA in California took the sauce they use for their BBQ plate fundraiser and turned it into a fundraising product all in itself. Canning a shelf stable sauce isn't just a great fundraiser but a great learning opportunity for students in your chapter.

Not only will they learn canning skills but food safety, product and packaging design, and flavor panel testing. So look around at projects you already complete each year and see if there is a hidden gem waiting for a chance to be a great product. If not, do you sell a food product that could potentially support an add on?

Condiment Recipes

For example, if you sell roasted corn your student could experiment with garlic butter or chili pepper butter as a topping available for the corn ears. If you discover a flavor combination your customers go crazy for then you have the makings of another fundraising product that's all your own. Grab your officer team and see what they can come up with. Here's an idea from Finley-Sharon FFA on what they do with Apples.

Apple Related Labs for Food Science

 When you come up for air click over to our New Products page and see what we created while you were making special chapter sauce.

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