Measuring Weight and Age Through Manual Methods

March 16, 2017

Measuring Weight and Age Through Manual Methods

Colquitt County High School FFA, in Georgia, created a hands on activity to teach students the manual methods to weigh horses and age them. After going over the methods in class, the students relied on a willing volunteer in Ginger the Pony to help them understand these two concepts. The students used a weighing tape to measure at several points on the horse and from those measurements they calculated the approximate weight of the horse. To add to that field method these students also learned how to age a horse by examining the wear pattern on Ginger's teeth. From that they can approximate her age. It's always a great day when a live animal is brought to class, but it's even better when the instructor can turn the class period from a lecture on the animal into an activity and let the students to the leg work.

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