Scientific Method and Bread Baking

November 12, 2019

Scientific Method and Bread Baking

McConnelsburg FFA used a great lab to apply the scientific method with a few variables on a common food item, baked bread. The variables not only illustrate how ingredient changes impact the finished product, but also brings students first hand experience of what each ingredient is used for and what happens when they are missing.

As you can see from the picture. The variables included sweetener, water, and kneading along with a control. Needless to say I'm sure the variability in the product was high. I'd also be willing to bet that some of those bread products tasted less than desirable. 

Whether we want to admit it or not as teachers, the scientific method can be confounding for students when you add dependent and independent variables. Putting the students to work on an activity like this brings the scientific method right in front of them. This example, along with others, will help solidify scientific method concepts for years to come.

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