Timber Cruising, One Step Worksheet Downloads


Before you take your students out in the field, make sure they have the skills they need. 
Teaching your students how to estimate cord volume (pulpwood) and board foot volume (sawtimber), takes practice on their part. Half the battle is knowing how to fill out the scoresheet and read the volume tables. Each page provides the measurements for 10 trees and students must round the heights and diameters and then use the provided table to estimate stand volume. So before you head out to the forestry plot, have your students practice on pre-made worksheets. You can check for accuracy and pinpoint common problems - like reading the wrong column - in a controlled setting. This is also a great way to give them a test before moving onto the outdoor lab. Just hit copy (or print) and you are done. 
  • What is included?
- 32 practice pages for Cord Volume (Pulpwood) Estimation
- 32 practice pages for Board Foot Volume (Sawtimber) Estimation 
- Answer keys for all practice pages 
- blank pages for practicing on real trees

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